Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Xtreme Hover iOS game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Witls presents Xtreme Hover iOS game, available now in iTunes App Store in Adventure category in Games. Xtreme Hover will give you the best thrilling experience of riding futuristic hover bikes. You will feel the excitement and pleasure of speed. It has futuristic hovercrafts, simple controls, adventures ways and lots of obstacles to challenge you.

You will get chances to score the highest and beat your friends. It’s an endless game of fun in an unreal world. Race at insane speeds through an infinite randomly generated world.

Game Features:
-Futuristic Hovercrafts.
-VR Ready
-Easy and smooth game controls.
-Thrilling sound effects and background score.

The goal is to get the highest score by racing into an endless world, avoiding obstacles and enemies and collecting speed boosts and other power-ups to help you along the way. It offers a number of futuristic hovercrafts having different engine and speed limits. Players can change and take a new hover bike along the way by crashing into special tokens, which are floating in the mid air.

The game ends when you hit an obstacle, if you can make it that far! The game environment and the obstacles are designed very carefully, so that it may look simple but difficult to dodge. Xtreme Hover is full of excitement and speed.

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Air Dip game available for iOS devices in iTunes App Store

Dip, Glide and Maneuver to Collect points to Re-Fuel and Get Going before 
you run out of Gas

Witls is glad to announce the release of Air Dip, a mobile game for all iOS devices. Air Dip is the coolest flight simulator game with amazing 3D graphics in a surreal world of adventure. Take the high wing aircraft through this breathtaking maze of different color and sizes, all floating in the air. Your goal would be to save the aircraft from crashing on to the obstacles. Gain energy by collecting the Energy Balls and last longer in the game till you complete the mission. The smooth control over the aircraft is what you will love about Air Dip.

The game gets more exciting as you level up by completing mission for each level. You will be presented with a new game environment and will need to take off again to start on the new mission. Each and every theme is designed with high quality graphics and alluring color. You will greatly enjoy the surrounded view while flying the aircraft in this amazing world of Air Dip.

Game Highlights:
-Cleverly designed levels to derive utmost enjoyment
-Smooth controlling of the aircraft
-Make the aircraft fly anywhere you want
-Mission oriented Game levels for maximum player engagement
-Outstanding background score to relish the game
-Choose from 4 different aircrafts to play with

-iOS 6.0 or later
-iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
-Size 50 MB

Air Dip is also available for Apple TV

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Monday, 29 August 2016

The Bible 3.0 is now available in the Mac App Store | InspiringLife Technologies

Inspiring-Life Technologies is happy to announce the release of a new update of Desktop Bible, which will now be called The Bible. The latest update, The Bible 3.0, has made made several improvements on top of the old app. The design has been completely revamped and a host of new features have been added. 

A brand new feature, Bible Concordance, has been added to The Bible 3.0. It has an exhaustive list of all the biblical words sorted into alphabets. Users can select a topic and easily find all the related Bible verse in one place. 

What’s new in The Bible 3.0

  • Completely revamped the design.
  • Now you can search Books.
  • Decrease or increase font size.
  • Choose from Eight different types of backgrounds for reading Bible.
  • Change background color of Presentation View.
  • Hide left pane which consists of the Book List.
  • Now search The Bible with book name, chapter and verse number.
  • Find highlighted verses sorted into different colors.
  • Choose from 12 font styles to read Bible.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of speech.
  • Now save journals into different folders.
  • Add sermons: Take notes with voice recording.
  • Bible Concordance is added.
  • More than 50 new Bible versions have been added on top of the previous ones.

Other key features of The Bible:

  • Easy-to-navigate smart UI.
  • Add more than 100 Bible Versions/Translations into the App Library.
  • Write Journals or take notes and save them for future reference.
  • Share Journals via all the available sharing options.
  • Search Verse: Search the entire Bible with Keywords and get to a specific Chapter or Book.
  • Parallel Reading: Open two different Bible Translations side by side and cross refer.
  • Option to scroll both Translations together or separately.
  • Mark Bible Verses as Favorite and browse all of them in one place.
  • Highlight Bible Verses with Color and browse all of them in one place.
  • Copy Bible Verse from the app and paste anywhere.
  • Daily Verse: Get inspirational Bible quotes daily on a small pop up.
  • Speak Mode: The Bible reads out Bible Verses for you.
  • Presentation Mode: Show scriptures from Bible to a projector screen or a secondary monitor in fullscreen.
The Bible has made Bible reading easier on Mac. Using the smartly designed UI, users can jump from one chapter to another very quickly without any issue. The powerful Search Verse will help to get your hands on to any chapter or verse in no time.

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Try The Bible today!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

SmartPlayer Got Updated With Minor Bug Fixes | InspiringLife

SmartPlayer recently got updated with minor bug fixes and couple of improvements. The latest update us currently available for download in the Mac App Store. 

SmartPlayer is a simple, easy to use media player for your Mac. It has got some unique features, which will transform your video watching experience to a different level.

Key features at a glance:

  • Easy to add and play videos
  • Play videos on desktop, front or status bar.
  • Play in Semi Transparent mode.
  • Customize Aspect Ratio settings.
  • Increase or decrease playback speed.
  • Trim videos and play right away.
  • Use shortcuts for most of the settings.
  • Share videos via mail right from the app.
  • Add URL in Playlist to stream videos.

SmartPlayer feels very light yet works fast. It supports Apple's default video and audio codecs. One can always resize the video resolution very easily and keep it anywhere in the Desktop.

Get Smart Player installed today in your Mac and watch your favorite videos without any hassle.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Online got updated in the Mac App Store with a number of improvements | Inspiring-Life Technologies

Online is a nifty little Application for Mac that lets users know whether the system is connected to internet or not. It puts a green dot on the Status Bar while internet is there and turns red when disconnected.

There are so many times that we face program failures due to network interruption and we begin to wonder if the internet is working or not. On situations like this, Online will tell your online status in an instant. Users will be able to diagnose the issue immediately if it caused by Internet.

App Highlights:

  • Notification in Notification Center when disconnected.
  • Notification in Notification Center when internet is back on. 
  • Light weighted, doesn’t occupy huge memory.
  • Get alert in notification center when there is no uplink.

Online may turn out to be pretty useful app for many users who use the internet frequently. So, download Online today and get notified about Internet interruptions.

3DWeather | What's New in 1.9.7 | Inspiring-Life Technologies

We are excited to announce the release of a new update for 3DWeather in the Mac App Store. With the introduction of the new update, 3DWeather has now become more stable and responsive than before. It also have come with a number of improvements that have made it an ideal weather app for Mac.

Lets take a look at the changes:

  • Now users don't need to click on the widget to check basic weather stats. Just hover over the widget, the pop up view will automatically appear with basic weather stats.
  • Weather Effects, new Manu bar option added: Take a look at all the weather animations by clicking on the options available under Weather Effects.
  • New API-key for World Weather Online can be added.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • It has been made more stable than before.
3DWeather Free has also been updated with the same changes. The free version has got a new theme which can be applied from the app itself. You can download 3DWeather Free from the Mac App Store from here: 

We request you to update the app today from Mac App Store for a better experience.

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