Friday, 19 September 2014

Live VideoWall – The Best Collections 1.0 is available with more features in the Mac App Store!

Idea2Inspire is eager to announce that Live VideoWall – The Best Collections got released in the Mac App Store. It’s a collection of 55 exclusive Live Wallpapers, which are some of the finest live wallpapers one could have for Mac computers.

  • 55 Hand Picked beautiful Live Wallpaper for your Mac
  • Play Videos on 3 attached monitor in real time: If you have 3 attached screens, you can set the Live Wallpapers to play across all 3 of them at the same time. You can also set it to play only in main monitor.
  • Option to stop playing Live Wallpapers when battery is low (Macbook only)
  • Pause Live Wallpapers
  • Play only in idle mode
  • Preview Live Wallpapers before using
  • Set Live Wallpapers directly from the App
  • Mark Favorite Live Wallpapers in a separate section
  • Semi Transparent mode
  • Option to change Random Mode timer
  • Easy to launch and open Live Wallpapers

Live VideoWall – The Best collections showcases the ultimate collection of exclusive Live Wallpapers with eye-catching animation. With Live VideoWall – The Best Collections users can avail the most stunning Live Wallpapers ever made by Idea2Inspire. It provides a variety of themes with distinctive layouts and different styles.

So, download Live VideoWall - The Best Collections today and redefine your Mac screen everyday.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Introducing Face for Facebook – The Best Facebook App for Mac!

Face for Facebook is a very simple app that allows you to connect with your friends and family on Facebook in an instant. You can easily switch between desktop and mobile version of Facebook through this app.

Idea2Inspire has released a new app in the Mac App Store, called Face for Facebook in the category of Social Networking. Face for Facebook is the easiest and fastest way one can log in in Facebook in Mac. It comes in the form of an app that opens up everything you want in Facebook.

Face for Facebook is one of the top paid apps under Social Network category in App Store:


  • Option to toggle between Desktop and Mobile Version. 
  • Browse Facebook with no Adds.
  • Transparent Mode.
  • Open Multiple Windows for the same account.
  • Instant Dock Notifications.
  • Notification Center.
  • Very light in size.
  • Quick access from Menu Bar.

Face for Facebook is very easy to use. It enables Mac users to access Facebook without even going to the website. You can easily switch between desktop and mobile version of Facebook through this app. Accessing it from Menu Bar makes it more convenient to use.

It is easy and quick. Face for Facebook is currently available in the Mac App Store with a very reasonable price. So, download Face for Facebook today and stay connected with your Facebook friends.