Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3DWeather | A beautiful weather app for Mac

Idea2Inspire is excited to announce the release of their new Mac Application, 3DWeather. This is a delightful weather app that delivers weather forecasts in a unique way. Depending upon the weather condition, it prepares 3D animated atmospheric scenes in a small widget with basic climate status. It has introduced a new approach to displaying weather forecast which is both informative and delightful to look at.

Lots of themes to choose from:
The app will never get monotonous and look old to you, because, like seasons, it will change it’s look with the passing of time. 3DWeather comes packed with three themes featuring different scenes, places and atmosphere. You can change them very easily from the Locations under preferences.

Limitless customization:
3DWeather lets you customize it to such extent that it will become your very own personal weather assistant.

Precise and detailed weather information:
3DWeather get it’s weather forecast from Weather Underground which is the most accurate and detailed forecast provider available presently.

Did we mention that you will get live weather alert right into your Notification Panel? Yes! this is true. You will get timely Notification automatically about the recent updates and developments on weather into your Notification panel in certain time intervals throughout the day.

Head over to App Store today and download 3DWeather for your Mac. Don't just read out weather statistics but also visualise your weather condition. Know more about 3DWeather in our website. Got a question? contact us at

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