Thursday, 3 August 2017

Speech Recorder | New Mac Application for Taking Notes with Voice Recording | Inspiringlife Tech

Make your notes and record audio, both at the same time with Speech Recorder, the best note taking app in the App Store.

Speech Recorder is a powerful combination of notepad and voice recorder that helps you take meaningful notes on your Mac. The App UI has been designed by incorporating elements of a notepad and a voice recorder in such a way that ensures ease of use.

App Highlights:
-Easy to add speech entry.
-Add speech title, speech person, category, date and time.
-Organize notes and recording group wise.
-Record speeches or conversations multiple times under a single title.
-Play recorded track instantly inside the app and start reviewing the note.
-Security is enabled with keychain
-Automatically backup the Data
-Manual backup and Manual restore Data
-Share note via email or print by exporting PDF.
-Use unique tags for every speech entry and search using them.
-Sync all your data across iPad and Mac via iCloud.

It’s a must have app for students and business. Don’t forget to carry Speech Recorder with you if you are attending a business meeting or a group discussion. Make the most out of Speech Recorder by using it in your classroom when attending lectures. Improve the quality of your notes by listening to the audio and revise your lesson. The idea behind developing such an app was to give users a handy tool that would help them in reviewing the notes in a better way.

From now on, you would definitely want to use this app whenever you are attending a business meeting, college lectures or group discussions. Download Speech Recorder today and attend a meeting the smart way.

iOS is coming soon...

Check out the app in the Mac App Store. Speech Recorder is currently available at discounted (50% Off) offer price of $4.99 for a limited period of time. Get your copy today before the offer runs out.
Mac App Store link:

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Notea 2.0 | Writer App for Mac Got A Complete Design Overhaul | Inspiring-Life

Notea has been update with a new version in the Mac App Store. Notea 2.0 comes with a lot of improvements and some minor bug fixes. One of the major upgrades the developers have done to Notea 2.0 is the Touch Bar support. Now you will have all the important app shortcuts available in the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar. The app UI has also been changed and improved to ensure better user experience.

Notea is a simple note taking application for Mac. This is quite simply the best notes app you will ever use. Notea has been designed from the ground up to give users the fastest and the most satisfactory experience possible. This is the most efficient way one can take a note on their Mac. Just add a note and start writing.

Things that make it stand out from other note apps:
-The first line of your note will automatically be taken as the headline.
-As you start typing, the left pane will automatically be hidden, giving you maximum interface for taking notes.
-Dark mode makes it easy on your eyes.
-Restore the last deleted note by clicking on Undo.
-Export and save notes as PDF.
-Choose from 4 different fonts for your notes.
-Total word count at the bottom of the app interface.

Top Features:
-Easy to add note
-Fullscreen mode for comfortable viewing
-Increase or decrease font size as you preferred
-Share notes via email from the app.
-iCloud sync across all your devices.

Make the most out of Notea using Magic Trackpad.
-Swipe with two finger from right to left on note to hide the left pane.
-Swipe with two finger from left to right on note to show the left pane.
-Pinch out on note to increase font size.
-Swipe right on a title of a note to delete or share.
-Swipe all the way to right to delete note.

The moment you start using the app, you will realize the small yet creative details that we have successfully put into making this app. Please share your feedback or comments about Notea so that we can develop a better app for you.

Notea is currently available for Mac, iPhone and iPad in their respective App Store. Checkout the app today from the links below:

Notea Mac:
Notea iPhone and iPad:
Notea Website:
Inspiring-life Website:

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bible 3.5.4 is now available in the Mac App Store | Inspiring-Life Technologies

We are excited to announce the release of a new update of the very popular Bible Application for macOS, Bible 3.5.4, in the Mac App Store word wide.

Whats New in Bible 3.5.4
  • Now compare Bible Versions in a single view. 
  • Highlight and mark Bible Verse as favorite by using the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
  • Now you can schedule prayer meetings with title and description. List down you daily prayers and mark them complete when your wish is fulfilled.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Improved version.
Read more about Bible in our website: 

Take a look at how users can compare two Bible Versions in Single View:

Bible 3.5.4 is now available in the Mac App Store under the category of Reference. Download it today!

You can also try Bible Lite for free. 

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Buddy App is now on Product Hunt!

Vote for Buddy on Product Hunt! 😊

This is an all-in-one solution to all your needs to simplify your daily life. Buddy app is your true buddy to do things the smart way. Be it setting up reminders, list down todos or looking for upcoming events, Buddy app will have you covered.

The way it connects to the user is the most unique thing about this app. User needs to type his task below the app and hit return. Buddy app is completely offline. It stores all the data on your local hard drive.


Buddy is now available in the Mac App Store, under the category of Lifestyle, for Free. Check out the app today!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Day Planner - New Todo App for Mac with unique UI and features | Inspiring-Life Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Inspiring-Life Technologies is happy to announce the release of a new todo app, Day Planner, in the Mac App Store under the category of Lifestyle. Day Planner is a unique todo app that comes with a smart app layout which is divided into different section to enter specific information. These are todos, appointments, people to call, things to buy etc. This becomes easier to track everything in one place by having a comprehensive look at all the stuffs one needs to do for a day.

Users also can jump to any date by using the built-in calendar and fill out different sections on days to come.

This section is basically a checklist. Users can add items as todos or tasks with reminders.

Users can add appointments with a event title, event time, reminder and a small note.

This section is dedicated to the things that you are buying today. You can list down items one by one with quantity and check boxes.

You can import your system contacts into the app and list down people you need to call today.

If any one of your accountancies is having a birthday, it will show up here. It will fetch event data from your system Calendar.

Note: Users need to go to App preference and click on “Import” to fetch events from Calendar.

Important stuffs that one should not forget will go here.

Day Planner provides a fun way to express your mood for a given day. You can choose from five moods and select the one that suites your mood the best for a particular day. You can go back and see how you were feeling on that day. You can also rate your day with star ratings.

-Intuitive interface to add todos and tasks.
-Add reminder with each todo entry.
-Get alert in Notification Center for each entry.
-Six dedicated sections for different types of task. Todos, Meeting, Buy, Contact, Wishes and Don’t Forget.
-Get alert in the Notification Center.
-iCloud sync between macOS. iOS App is going to be available very soon.
-Take backup of your data and restore at anytime.

Day Planner is now available in the Mac App Store under the category of Lifestyle. Checkout  the app from here:
App Store link:
iOS counterpart of Day Planner will be available very soon! Stay connected  

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Accountee - a simple finance application for macOS, now available in the Mac App Store!

We are proud to announce the release of Accountee, a simple finance application for Mac and iPad that helps you in keeping a close eye on all your bank accounts, personal funds and transactions in one place.

Accountee lets you register various kinds of transfers that you make as payments (EXPENSES) or transfers that you receive from others (EARNINGS), in an easy-to-use interface. The app has been designed by giving importance to every detail of all kinds of transfers.  Be it a cash or a bank transfer, Accountee gives you full access to keep a log of your finances.

Accountee Screenshot from Mac App Store

iPad App screenshot

We all make various kinds of transfer every month. Accountee focuses on helping you to get a complete picture of your finances, so that you can see and understand your finance for your self. Accountee is the most efficient way to enter your financial data and have an overview of your personal finance. All the data are stored locally on your Mac.

ENTER TRANSACTIONS WITH EVERY DETAIL: Add data whenever you make a transfer. Accountee lets you enter transactions with every detail of a transfer.

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Visualize all your finance data in one place for easy management and overview.

Take a look at Accountee in action.


● ADD BANK: You can add as many Banks as you can. It also can be personal funds where you save money for other expenses. After adding  a Bank, you will have to add an opening balance, so that you can get start with Accountee.

● ADD PAYEE OR PAYER NAMES: Add and save names of people that you frequently pay to or receive payments from. It will help you filter your transactions of a Payee or a Payer over a certain period of time.

● CHEQUE TRANSFER: Accountee is at its best when used for cheque management. You can register Bank transfers which are made with cheques. It gives you fields to enter cheque number and other important details for future reference. You can also mark the status of a cheque (Cleared / Bounced / Cancel) easily. The status of a check instantly reflects on your concerned account when you change it.

● POWERFUL SEARCH: You can search for a specific transaction from long list by using the Search Bar at the bottom of the App interface. This comes very handy for users who want to get their hands on a specific state.

● EARNING & EXPENSE GRAPH: Accountee will give a comprehensive overview of your earning and expenses on a simple graph.

● BACKUP & RESTORE DATA: Never lose your data by taking timely backup. All the backup files will be stored on your local hard drive. You can also restore it any time. Accountee offers both automatic and manual backup of your data.

● SHARE & ICLOUD SYNC: Share you data vial email. Or you can print a hard copy by exporting reports as PDFs. Sync with iCloud between iOS and macOS.

● SECURITY: Secure your data by configuring a password for Accountee. The password will be automatically stored on your Keychain, which will later be accessible from all your Macs.

Accountee is currently available in the Mac App Store in the category of Finance:

Accountee iOS is available in the Apple App Store:

For more information about Accountee, please visit our website:

Please let us know how did you like using Accountee and what changes or advancements you want to see in Accountee in the coming updates.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Xtreme Hover Released in Tizen Store

The Xtreme Hover for Tizen Store is a new game for racers who always like to ride bike in challenging way
Xtreme Hover will give you the best thrilling experience of riding futuristic bikes. You will feel the excitement and pleasure of speed. It has futuristic hovercrafts, simple controls, adventure ways and lots of obstacles to challenge you. You will get chance to score the highest and beat your friends. It’s an endless game of fun in an unreal world. Race at insane speeds through and infinite randomly generated world

With the release of Xtreme Hover racing genre category now have more options for gamers. It is very lightweight version and well supports on all three Tizen smartphones, the first Samsung Z1 is also well handle it on the dual core processor. Inside gaming we don’t have rich surroundings or nature, instead play it on ice, rock and some other surface areas which looks cool with these themes. Start your bike and drive as much as you can in the zigzag mode by beating different obstacles.