Friday, 28 November 2014

RePix – Mac Application to Batch Resize Images Quickly!

Idea2Inspire is excited to announce that their new app RePix got published in the Mac App Store under the Category of Photography. It’s a Mac Application that lets users to resize images as a bulk and save them.

You only need to provide the height or weight of the image. The app will resize the image by keeping the aspect ratio same. RePix is a simple, easy to use app with a straightforward purpose. It eliminates the hours of hard work one put into a heavy app for merely resizing image.

  • Easy to predefine height & width of the output image.
  • Quick image resize process.
  • Drag and drop images into the app that are to be resized.
This is probably the quickest way one can batch resize a large number of images at once. It would definitely come as a great help to those people who happen to resize lot of images into specific resolutions as a part of their job or personal usage.

So, download RePix today and stop using heavy applications if you only need to resize images. Visit Mac App Store and see customer ratings and reviews for RePix.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Number2Word – Mac Application to Convert Numerals into Words Instantly!

Idea2Inspire is very happy to announce that, their new Mac Application, Number2Word is now live in the Mac App Store under the Category of Finance. This is an app that converts any given numeral input into words in no time. Users can copy the values and paste them on those places where they need to give numeral values in words. 

  • Easy to enter number and copy text.
  • Access it from Notification center.
  • Convert any number into words from anywhere.

Number2Word is very easy to use. All you got to do is enter the desired number and copy the words and paste it where you want. It also can be accessed from Notification Center very easily.
It would definitely turn out to be very helpful to those people who happen to type a group of numbers in words as a part of their job or personal usage. With Number2Word, users won’t have to type anymore. They simply can input the number into the app and copy paste the value right away. This is how users will be able to save more time by executing the job faster.

So, download Number2Word today and do the job possibly the smartest way.