Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Personal Budget | Expense tracker app for Mac from Idea2Inspire

Personal Budget got updated in the Mac App Store. This update comes with major bug fixes that were reported by users. Personal Budget is an all-new approach to personal budgeting that takes care of everything. Personal Budget is a friendly personal finance tool with basic features that keeps things simple. 

-Intuitive user interface
-Easy to add Items and Categories
-Visualization of expense and budget
-Simple to track expense

Personal Budget is an app that can be used daily. It is the simplest financial app that keeps everything so simple that you would love using this app. 

So, download Personal Budget today for your Mac and track your expenses and budget in the easiest possible way.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

CalendarPro for Google 2.1 | Add Events with Shortcut (ctlr cmd N)

Idea2Inspire is excited to announce the release of a new update for CalendarPro for Google in the Mac App Store. It is one of the most popular Google Calendar Client app for Mac. It lets users to have access to Google Calendar inside an Mac Application layout which is fast, reliable and easy. Users will have a better experience with Google Calendar by using CalendarPro for Google. 

Bug Fixes:
  • Now it's running on OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.
  • App Hotkey is fixed
What's new:
  • New Keyboard shortcuts added
  1. Quick Add - SHIFT CMD N
  2. Search Calendar - SHIFT CMD F
  3. Go fullscreen - CTRL F
  4. Print Calendar - CMD P
  5. Reload Calendar - CMD R
  • Now toggle between google accounts with keyboard shortcuts.
  1. CMD 0 for the first account linked to the app
  2. CMD 1 for the second account linked to the app
  3. CMD 2 for the third account linked to the app
  4. CMD 3 for the fourth account and so forth up to 9
  • Badge on dock icon showing the number of events is left on a day.
  • Hide Dock icon without closing the app.

Take a look at this YouTube Video that demonstrates how to add event using keyboard shortcut (ctrl cmd N)

CalendarPro for Google is the easiest way one can have access to Google Calendar in Mac other than web browsers. Download CalendarPro for Google today and schedule your day effortlessly.

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