Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ChatBook for Facebook from Idea2Inspire developers

ChatBook for Facebook is now free in the Mac app store.  The features remain the same as that of the pro version. It has got some of the most advanced features which you won’t find in any of the other apps. ChatBook may turn out to be very interesting and useful for those people who want to be connected with their Facebook friends even when they are working. Most importantly it allows you to have chat with your Facebook friends right from the Mac’s desktop. And in this way you enjoy the benefit of not going to the actual website which is a huge time saver.  

It is a great tool for your Mac which saves time as well as makes it convenient for you to have Facebook chats. It comes with a few additional features and all of them are pretty amazing. You can access all the updates from your Facebook Notification bar and know more about what your friends are up to. You can also post status updates to your Facebook wall right from this app. Multiple chat windows can be opened at the same time for easy and convenient chatting.

It works very fast and delivers just like it says. The catch is that it is a free to download app which you can find in the Mac app store very easily. So, go and give it a try today. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Live Wall - Holiday Season from Idea2inspire developers

Live Wall is an app for your Mac that comes packed with different innovative live wallpapers. The Wall brings you a collection of live wallpapers for your Mac which will leave you stunned. Decorate your Mac screen with those beautiful live wallpapers and add more happiness to your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. These live wallpapers will keep cheering and motivating you to enjoy the most out of this festive time.

It comes packed with over 60 animated live wallpapers that you can choose from and it includes only the chosen ones. Each one is different and unique from each other and reflects the true spirit of festivity.  You will find it very attractive because all of them are designed with seamless animations and high definition graphics. It comes with so many other customizations which you can apply in order to ensure the ease of use.

Few of them are also capable of showing weather and temperature related information on the different places of the screen and they are equipped with unique animations which go exactly with the overall idea of the wallpaper which you will love seeing when your system is idle. The ones, especially dedicated to Christmas, show the countdown of how many days, hours, minutes, seconds are left for Christmas to come. Most of the wallpapers include different type clocks which are both very advanced and attractive as well.

Live Wall – Holiday Season is a must have app for your Mac which you can download from Mac app store and it will cost you around $1.00 dollar. Considering its specs and capability it is definitely not much to pay for an app like this. So, go and check this out.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wallpapers Pro for Mac from Idea2Inspire developers

If you are interested in finding out beautiful desktop wallpapers for your Mac, Wallpapers Pro is the perfect app for you. This is another addition in the Mac app store from Idea2Inspire. Wallpapers Pro gives you a wide range of wallpapers that you can choose from and download them in your Mac. These high resolution wallpapers are stacked up in different categories in this app that ensures the ease of browsing. You can browse the pictures and download them very easily by simply dragging them to your desktop. This app has been designed this simple.

Wallpapers Pro contains only those wallpapers which will attract you the most. You will find endless stunning HD wallpapers one after another. You will be updated with the latest contents available for you to download. You can download wallpapers in every possible resolution which suits your Mac’s screen the best.  The items are sorted down by ratings and number of downloads so that you find the best content upfront. Or you can choose one from a randomly sorted set of wallpapers. You don’t have to go the search engines and browse for images anymore. Here you will definitely find your choice from a wide variety of wallpapers, all in high definition.

Wallpapers Pro is currently available in the Mac app store for $ 4.99 dollars to download. So, go and give your Mac a different look everyday.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Bible Verse for Mac from Idea2Inspire developers

Idea2Inspire is proud to present an app which is very influential and a life changer. Bible Verse is a great app for your Mac which will keep motivating you to follow the word of God and you can memorize them very easily. It is the best available Bible app for your Mac today in the Mac app store. It gives you the opportunity to read beautiful and inspiring bible verses everyday in your busy schedule. Bible is the only source of knowledge and power that make you strong and help you to choose the right path in life. By using this app you will be able to learn the Holy Scriptures everyday and apply them in your life. It presents the Bible verses in beautifully designed themes and there are 12 themes that you can choose from.

This app has been designed very beautifully so that you can have a nice reading experience. It comes with a number of functionalities that have made it more easy to use. You can have daily updates and pop up notifications. You can also share your favorite verses to your friends and Family via email. You can also post them in your favorite social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. Bible Verses is currently available in the Mac app store for $ 2.99 dollars. So, go and download this app and start your day with Bible Verses.

MessagesPro for Facebook for Mac from Idea2Inspire:

MessagePro for Facebook is another new app in the Mac app store from Idea2Inspire. This has introduced an amazing way that you can interact with your Facebook friends and that too without going to the actual website. Yes, you heard it correct. Now you are not required to go to the Facebook website anymore. You can chat with your Facebook friends right from this app and get notifications too. You can also share photos with your friends by posting them on your Timeline. Multiple windows can be opened in order to ensure the ease of use and quick messaging. This app lets you post your status updates right away.

This is potentially a very good app for your Mac which has made Facebook chatting very easy and convenient. It appears to be very useful specially while you are working and want to have a quick over view of all the updates. It works seamlessly very fast because it eliminates the necessity of opening the entire website. 

It is currently available in the Mac app store for only $ 1.99 dollars. So, go and get one for Mac. 

Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac from Idea2Inspire developers:

Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint is another new app for Mac from Idea2Inspire. PowerPoint has been one of the most used computer programs for making presentations. Having said that, it is not always an easy task to create a good presentation. It takes a lot of time in managing the slides and decorating them as well. Even if you manage to cope with that, you might lack some other important things. But, if you start working with a good template, designed by highly qualified professionals, which suites your purpose the best, the presentation ought to be great. And this is where the usefulness of Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint comes.

It comes packed with a number of templates, ranging across different categories, which may turn out to be very useful for you. You can create excellent, high quality PowerPoint presentations without taking much time. This comes very handy to those people who don’t usually have much time or seem to have no knowledge in particular in making PowerPoint presentations. Once you choose your template, you can start customizing it the way you want very easily with PowerPoint.

 It is currently available in the Mac app store and it will cost you $ 19.99 dollars to download. So, go and check this out.

Templates for Microsoft Excel for Mac from Idea2Inspire developers.

Templates for Microsoft Excel is a new utility app in the Mac app store from Idea2Inspire. This is basically an app which saves lot of your valuable time which you usually put in making Excel documents. With this app you can create amazing Excel presentations by choosing from the beautifully pre-designed templates. Just pick one that serves your purpose the most and you are good to go. You will find so many categorized templates pre-installed in it.

This is a very useful tool for Excel users. By using this app you will be able to create excellent Excel documents within minutes. You will find your choice of template very easily, because it offers a wide range of them across different categories. You can also avail its further customization features which give you the freedom of making a particular template your own way. The designs of the templates are very unique which will definitely give your presentations a different look. It includes all the necessary templates and tools that you look for in an app. 

 It is currently available in the Mac app store and it will cost you around $ 20.00 dollars. So, go and check this out.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

CalendarPro for Mac from Idea2Inspire developers

CalendarPro helps you to have an organized life and ensures that you accomplish each task perfectly. Now you can access Google Calendar with a more easy to use layout that carries out an efficient task management. You can add tasks, events, appointments etc. and track them very easily with CalendarPro. It comes packed with so many features that have made it an ideal task manager available today in the Mac app store. So, go and download one for your Mac.