Monday, 1 February 2016

Bible Verse is updated in the Mac App Store.

Idea2Inspire is happy to announce the release of a new update for Bible Verse in the Mac App Store. Bible Verse is a simple Mac Application that helps you get God's daily word in your busy schedule. Get motivated with a new Bible Verse everyday and start your day with full enthusiasm. This is a simple, beautiful and a well-thought application which will give you a new verse from the Holy Bible everyday.

This update includes a couple of bug fixes and adds some improvements to make the user experience better than before.

Bug fixes:
  • Sharing verses via social network is fixed.
  • Problem in loading Bible verses after launching the app is fixed.
Whats new:
  • Open app from status menubar. 
  • Instantly remove dock icon with out closing the app.
  • Show Verse on dock icon.
Download the update from Mac App Store today. Here is the link:

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