Monday, 12 October 2015

3DWeather Got A Nice Update in the Mac App Store!

3DWeather recently got update in the Mac App Store by Idea2Inspire. This update added 7 brand new animated themes and an improved icon into the app. The ability to hide dock icon or replace it with the current weather icon with temperature as badge is also added. It has been suggested by a lot of users.

3DWeather was reviewed by Beautiful Pixels and Waerfa in great detail. Get a true insight about 3DWeather in the reviews and find out what they have to say about the app.

We are at Idea2Inspire also feeling very excited with the over all response from the users that we are getting from all over the world. The developers are indicating that the next update is going to be more optimised and CPU friendly.

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If you have not downloaded 3DWeather yet, you are missing out of something very special. Also please share 3DWeather with friends, family and colleagues. Basically anyone who is looking for a darn cool weather app for Mac.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3DWeather | A beautiful weather app for Mac

Idea2Inspire is excited to announce the release of their new Mac Application, 3DWeather. This is a delightful weather app that delivers weather forecasts in a unique way. Depending upon the weather condition, it prepares 3D animated atmospheric scenes in a small widget with basic climate status. It has introduced a new approach to displaying weather forecast which is both informative and delightful to look at.

Lots of themes to choose from:
The app will never get monotonous and look old to you, because, like seasons, it will change it’s look with the passing of time. 3DWeather comes packed with three themes featuring different scenes, places and atmosphere. You can change them very easily from the Locations under preferences.

Limitless customization:
3DWeather lets you customize it to such extent that it will become your very own personal weather assistant.

Precise and detailed weather information:
3DWeather get it’s weather forecast from Weather Underground which is the most accurate and detailed forecast provider available presently.

Did we mention that you will get live weather alert right into your Notification Panel? Yes! this is true. You will get timely Notification automatically about the recent updates and developments on weather into your Notification panel in certain time intervals throughout the day.

Head over to App Store today and download 3DWeather for your Mac. Don't just read out weather statistics but also visualise your weather condition. Know more about 3DWeather in our website. Got a question? contact us at

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Gdrive for Google Drive - The Easiest Way to Access Google Drive Is Here!

Idea2Inspire is proud to announce Gdrive for Google Drive, a Mac Application for managing Google Drive files in an easy manner. Gdrive for Google Drive is the easiest way to use Google Drive that reduces your effort and saves time. Gdrive for Google Drive allows users to upload and download files from the app without the help of a web browser.

App Highlights:
  • Just drag and drop files into the app interface to upload files
  • Bring app window from the Status Bar icon in case the Dock icon is hidden
  • Open the app at login
  • Set up a hot key as a keyboard shortcut to open the app faster
  • Open multiple app window for the same Google account
  • Make the app interface transparent when inactive

Get started with Gdrive for Google Drive, and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Google Drive - such as your videos, photos, and documents - are all backed up safely so you can't lose them. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

Drive for Google Drive is the easiest way to use Google Drive that reduces your effort and saves time. Download it today and access your Google Drive more conveniently. 

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Desktop Bible Lite - Free Offline Bible Application for Mac!

Idea2Inspire announces the release of their new free Mac Application, Desktop Bible Lite, in the Mac App Store. This is the free edition of the very popular Desktop Bible that has been everyone's favorite since its release. The reason behind releasing a free version of Desktop Bible is to reach out to more users. Desktop Bible Lite offers everything from the paid version except 48 Bible Versions. It has King James Version by default. One can always upgrade to the paid version to avail up to 48 Bible Versions that consist of Bible Versions from different languages. 

App Highlights: 
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Option for Simplified Verses
  • Mark Bible verses as Favorite.
  • Browse Favorite verses in one place.
  • Make personal journal and include Bible verses.
  • Search for Bible verses through the whole app.
  • Share scripture in social medias like Twitter.

Desktop Bible Lite will help users to dive into the Sacred Scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. The app interface is smartly divided and categorized into different sections, which make it a lot easier to navigate through the app. One can always resize the app layout for comfortable viewing. Download Desktop Bible Lite for free in the Mac App Store today.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Notes for Google Keep - Capture Your Thoughts on Google Keep Through this Mac Application!

This Mac Application will allow users to work on Google Keep on a minimalist app layout. Quickly capture your thoughts with pictures into colorful palettes on your Mac. Notes for Google Keep is the easiest way to access Google Keep notes on your Mac and do every bit of it.

Advantages of using Notes for Google Keep:
  • Open app at Login.
  • Display Notes on Desktop.
  • Add notes quickly from Status Bar icon.
  • Make app transparent when inactive.
  • Hot Key to open app faster.

Notes for Google Keep has the ability to give users direct access to Google Keep on top of Desktop, on a transparent scrollable layout. It can be dragged and put on anywhere on the Desktop as per convenience. It also can be accessed from the Status Bar icon incase one needs to take notes even more quickly. This app is entirely designed for Yosemite, hence two different themes are there for this app to set depending on the Desktop wallpaper.

Get all the notes synced instantly on the Google Cloud and access them from anywhere. Get Keep for Google Keep today and have Google Keep notes at your finger tip at anytime on your Mac.

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hello there. We are Idea2Inspire!

Hello there. We are Idea2Inspire.

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Email for Gmail is simply the best #Gmail Client for #Yosemite!Currently available in the Mac #AppStore Get it here:
Posted by Idea2Inspire on Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Monday, 30 March 2015

New Gmail Client for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite - Idea2Inspire!

Email for Google is a Mac Application for Gmail from where users can read mails, reply to them and compose new ones very easily. It comes packed with some amazing features that make it more convenient in working on Gmail. Email for Gmail lets users take the advantage of using Gmail in two ways. One is Mobiles version and the other one is the standard web version into an app interface.

App Highlights:
  • Access mails from Menu Bar.
  • Receive Notifications in Notification Center on arrival of new mails.
  • Mobile and Desktop Mode.
  • Open multiple windows for different mail folders.
  • Create Hot Key as a keyboard shortcut to open the app.
  • Control opacity to adjust transparency.
  • Live Badge update in Dock icon.
  • Show app behind the desktop.
  • Fully resizable window.
Once users are logged in into the app, they can straight away go to  the inbox and start working with it. It reduces the effort one puts into a web browser to read mails. So, download EmailPro for Google today and never leave mail unattended.

Note: EmailPro for Google is a third party application for Gmail and is not affiliated to Google Inc. Gmail and the Google Logo are the trademarks of Google Inc.

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Pick and Learn - Fun Educational App for Kids from Idea2Inspire!

Idea2Inspire published their new kids app for Mac and iOS, Pick and Learn in the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store respectively under the Category of Education. Its a kids learning app in the form of a game where they learn about the correct order of alphabets and numbers. Pick and Learn is ideal for 3 to 5 years olds, because in this stage kids learn about alphabets and numbers for the first time.

Pick and Learn showcases a series of alphabets on an engaging animated interface with a missing alphabet on that series. Kids will have to identify which alphabet is missing and select that from the given options. This is how they can try solving endless problems and learn the correct order of the alphabets. Pick and Learn does the same thing with Numbers also. Fun background sound effects and voice instructions are also there to help them answer the correct alternatives from the options. 

Pick and Learn Highlights:
  • The app is divided into four parts. Each part is dedicated to ABC, 123, Shapes and Random.
  • Catchy background music and easy voice instructions for kids.
  • Engaging graphic animations that will attract kids and help them learn more.

This is a fun educational game application for every kids to make a strong base in learning. Pick and Learn will definitely be every child’s favorite toy and at the same time leave a strong impact in their day to day learning.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Drop for Dropbox - Mac App to Work With Dropbox Effortlessly!

Idea2Inspire is very happy to announce that their new Mac App, Drop for Dropbox, got published in the Mac App Store under the Category of Productivity. It comes with a unique app interface where users will be able to find Dropbox shortcuts; like Files, Photos, Sharing, Links, Events; in the left panel of the app. This is how it becomes super easy to browse Dropbox categorically. Drag and drop files on the app to upload and share them effortlessly with friends, family and colleagues.

Drop for Dropbox Features:

  • Find Dropbox shortcuts (Files, Photos, Sharing, Links, Events) on left panel of the app.
  • Open app from Status Bar icon.
  • Drag & Drop file on app to upload.
  • Preview files within the app.
  • Adjust Transparency.
  • Set up a Hot Key to open app faster.
  • Download files within the app without being signed in on browser
  • Get Notifications upon completion of downloads.
  • See how much space is free on the top left corner of the app.

Drop for Dropbox lets users access the app in a small layout from its Status Bar icon. Option for opening multiple windows for the same account is also there in the app. It has a dedicated section for downloading files easily from Dropbox without having to signed in in a browser. With a single click users can explore the list of downloaded files and open them from there right away. Users can make the app interface transparent when inactive and back to visible when active.

Download Drop for Dropbox today and start using Dropbox more efficiently.

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PopPlay - Minimalistic Mac Application That Can Play Videos Below Status Bar Icon!

Idea2Inspire is very excited to announce that their new Mac Application, PopPlay, got released in the Mac App Store under the Category of Videos. PopPlay is a Mac App that plays videos on a minimalistic interface below its Status Bar Icon. It supports Apple’s default video and audio codecs. This will become very useful for users with PopPlay who want to keep a video going somewhere the desktop when they work.

  • Easy app operations.
  • One click to full screen mode than back to status bar view play.
  • Stream Youtube videos.
  • Make a long playlist consisting of online and local videos. 
  • Float Mode enables you to play videos on Desktop.

PopPlay uses keyboard shortcuts that make it possible to operate the app faster. It smartly deals with aspect ratios when users stretch videos on Desktop Mode. PopPlay gives access to increase or decrease playback speed in situations when it is required to play slower or quicker. Users can trim long videos to a specific length where vital stuffs are stored. PopPlay also supports playing videos from online sources like Youtube and save those links on Playlist. This is how users can make a long playlist consi   sting of videos from online and local. 

PopPlay is currently available in the Mac App Store worldwide and also offers localized versions from major languages. So, download PopPlay today and have videos being played somewhere convenient. 

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CricLive - Score Card of Live Cricket Matches from World Cup!

Idea2Inspire is happy to announce that last week their new Mac Application, CricLive, got published in the Mac App Store. This is a pretty cool app for Cricket lovers who want to get cricket scores and updates on their Mac instantly. CricLive is very easy to use. It does not require any extra effort from users’ end to get the app going. Once it is opened, the app automatically searches for live matches that is available at that time and connects users to that match.

  • Small app yet highly informative
  • Mini Mode
  • Option to show score on dock
  • Hide icon from dock
  • Get updates into Notification Center
  • Option to filter Notification for Specials (6s, 4s, out) only.
  • Open Multiple Window.

CricLive works like a widget on top a desktop that keeps updating itself automatically ball by ball. This could be the easiest and most efficient way to follow live cricket matches this World Cup. This is how users will not miss a single update from the cricket matches without opening any website or anything of that sort. It also weighs very little and gets the job done even with slow internet connections.

Download CricLive widget to see score right in Notification Center on OS X.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Desktop Bible got Updated with More Features & Bible Versions in the Mac App Store!

Idea2Inspire released a new update for one of their very popular apps Desktop Bible in the Mac App Store under the Category of Reference. New Features and more Bible Versions are the key reasons that people should really look forward to this update. Desktop Bible is an easy to use Bible App for Mac from where users can read Bible, Take notes and create journal, mark verses as favourite, share scriptures on social medias etc.

Whats New in the Update:
  • Along with King James, 48 popular Bible Versions got included.
  • Multiple windows can be opened.
  • Open two Bible Versions side by side in the same window.
Desktop Bible also comes with Bible versions in foreign languages. It includes Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finish, French, Hindi, Italian, Thai, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian version of Bible. Users will be able to choose and include Bible Versions into the app library from App Preferences window very easily. 

App Highlights:
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Mark Bible verses as Favorite.
  • Highlight Verses with different colors.
  • Browse Favorite verses in one place.
  • Make personal journal and include Bible verses.
  • Search for Bible verses through the whole app.
  • Share scripture in social medias like Twitter.
Desktop Bible will help users to dive into the Sacred Scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. The app interface is smartly divided and categorized into different sections, which make it a lot easier to navigate through the app. One can always resize the app layout for comfortable viewing.

Desktop Bible has been one of the TOP10 Paid apps in the Reference Category of Mac App Store for several months. It is hoped that the new update will receive good response from the users. 

See customer reviews and rating in the Mac App Store for Desktop Bible.So, download Desktop Bible today and start reading Bible without any discomfort.

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