Friday, 30 May 2014

Simply Do, An Effective And Easy Way To Manage To Dos, From Idea2Inspire!

Simply Do is an easy way to keep notes and ideas, which you want to execute in future. You can open it and create categories of your choices and write your thoughts in them so that you can make them happen. You can simply add tasks and have a track on all of them. To have a better understanding of your tasks, you can add notes with them very easily. It also comes with the feature where you can mark your tasks that you already have accomplished.


Lets have a look on some of Simply Do’s key features:

-Quick and easy to launch the app
-Easy to create categories and add tasks
-Take notes with tasks
-iCloud syncing
-Mark tasks that are done
-Beautiful and intuitive design
-Multiple sharing options

The best way to learn how to use Simply Do is to try it. This will allow you to back up your notes in iCloud and synchronize them automatically, so that you can take your notes with you where ever you go.  You can share your thoughts and ideas with your friends using a number of sharing options available in this app.

Simply Do is currently available in the Mac App Store in the category of Productivity. So, have it today in your Mac and never forget a task to execute.

Business Letters, Draft Professional Letters With Business Letters In No Time, From Idea2Inspire!

Business Letters is another addition in the Mac App Store in the category of Business from Idea2Inspire.  It’s a necessary resource for everyone. It consists of a variety of pre-written letters, which will fit every occasion of yours where you write letters. This useful application will help you in drafting any letter very quickly. All you have to do is search for the right one by browsing through the categories.  It also has an easy to find browser from where you will reach to your letter of choice in no time. 

Business letters covers the following category:
-A vast catalog of highly professional business letters.
-All the letters are sorted into appropriate categories.
-Letters are very easy to find and edit.
-Simple and easy to operate user interface.

Business Letters is an essential tool for your Mac for every reason. Own it today from Mac App Store and get quick results out of it.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pros Vs Cons, A Brand New Way To Kill Dilemma, From Idea2Inspire!

This is a new app in the Mac App Store called Pros Vs Cons from Idea2Inspire. Basically what it does is, it lets you compare and differentiate between things that you are not sure whether you should go for that or not. Once you are done with drafting pros and cons and giving them ratings, it gives you a result based on a logical decoding. In this way you will be able to come to a conclusion very easily.

It has a beautiful design with an excellent user experience. You will be able to type and submit as many points as you can and give them ratings very easily according to their importance. It may turn out to be a very useful app especially when you are facing trouble in decision-making. Lets have a look at some of its key features:

-       Easy to add points and give ratings
-       Instant results
-       Try and save limitless topics 
-       Beautiful UI 


Pros Vs Cons is currently available in the Mac App Store. So, go and have it in your Mac today and share it with your friends.